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Abridgement of the speech

The abridgement of the speech given by the Chief Director of the Zakłady Południowe (Southern Works) Eng Marcel Siedlanowski in Stalowa Wola on the occasion of the visit to the Works by the President of the Republic of Poland Ignacy Mościcki, delivered on 30 April 1938 - a year after the beginning of the construction. The speech mentions, among other things, the date on which the contract for the construction of the Zakłady Południowe (Southern Works) was signed, i.e. 30 January 1937, and information about the organization of the Technical Office and the Commercial Office, which were in charge of developing a detailed construction project and procuring equipment and installations. The text contains information about the numerous companies involved in the construction of the factory buildings; the individual departments of the Works are indicated: steel mill, press shop, rolling mill, hardening shop, coarse machining workshop, research and experimental facility and warehouse for stainless steel. M. Siedlanowski's speech also contains an abbreviated description of the various departments. At the end of the text, the signature of M. Siedlanowski is visible. An eight-page document, bound in a gray-green cover printed by Zakłady Południowe (Southern Works) Sp. z o.o. in Nisko.


Time of creation:
30 April 1938
Inventory number:
Technique of execution:
print, typescript, manuscript
width 23 cm, height 32 cm

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