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Border pillar

The post separating the Państwowa Wytwórnia Prochu nr 5 (State Gunpowder Works No. 5) in Krajowice near Jasło from the outside area, which was being built as a part of the Central Industrial District. The decision to build a new gunpowder factory in CID was made in 1936. Initially, it was to be located in Strzyżów on the railroad line from Rzeszów to Jasło. Finally, it was decided to locate it near Jasło in Krajowice, in a place called Gamrat-Opacie. The plant was a subsidiary of the gunpowder factory in Pionki. By the outbreak of the war, some of the investments had been completed, but production was not started.


Boundary markers
Time of creation:
Inventory number:
Technique of execution:
concrete, aggregate
at the base 20x20 cm, height approx. 90 cm, upper part 15x15 cm

Rotary photography

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