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Description of patent

The description of patent no. 112880, owned by the Zjednoczone Fabryki Związków Azotowych (United Factories of Nitrogen Compounds) in Mościce and Chorzów. It concerns the manufacturing process of granular mixed fertilizer. Patent obtained by the Kingdom of Hungary. The date of Hungary's application was 5 June 1934; the acceptance took place on 2 September 1935. The priority date for Poland was 12 June 1933. The patent description shows an undated stamp of the Biblioteka Centralna Państwowej Fabryki Związków Azotowych (Central Library of the State Factory of Nitrogen Compounds) in Mościce (INV. no. 1553). The Państwowa Fabryka Związków Azotowych (State Factory of Nitrogen Compounds) in Chorzów was founded in 1916 under the name Oberschlesische Stickstoffwerke AG. The official takeover of the plant by the Polish government took place in July 1922. The decision to build the Państwowa Fabryka Związków Azotowych (State Factory of Nitrogen Compounds) in Mościce was made in 1927 at the request of the President of Poland, Ignacy Mościcki. Its official opening took place in January 1930. The plant was later incorporated into the Central Industrial District. In 1933, the Chorzów and Mościce factories were merged.


Time of creation:
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Producer / author:
Królestwo Węgier. Sąd Patentowy
Technique of execution:
height 26.7 cm, width 18.5 cm

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