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Electric voltage regulator

Voltage regulator of a small generator in a battery charging system in a power plant from Stalowa Wola Power Plant. One of the most important elements of the development of the Central Industrial District, ensuring power supply to industrial plants, was the construction of new power plants and the expansion of high voltage networks. So it was decided to locate a large power plant near Stalowa Wola. The Expert Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade accepted a bid for the construction and equipment of the power plant from the French company Société Générale de Constructions Electriques et Mécaniques ALSTHOM. The construction began in April 1938. District Electricity Company supervised the works in Tarnow, OZET. The power plant was to have a capacity of 40 MW. The first turbine - with a capacity of 20 MW - was put into operation as early as May 1939, and the next one in August 1939. The director of the new power plant was Eng Władysław Zawadzki, the previous manager of the power plant construction on behalf of OZET.


Power plant’s equipment / electrical devices
Time of creation:
 20th century
Inventory number:
Producer / author:
Ateliers de Construction Oerlikon Zurich – Suisse
Technique of execution:
mass produkction
metal, glass, plastic
height 41 cm, depth. 42 cm, width 30 cm

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