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File cabinet

Double leaf file cabinet, type S.A. – 20, produced by Pabianicka Fabryka Mebli Biurowych J. Magrowicz. The company’s registered office was located in Pabianice, at Zachodnia St., and its factory storehouse was in Warsaw, at Świętokrzyska St. Established in 1904, the factory produced, among other things, office and bank equipment and furniture made to order. The company registered its utility models of furniture with the Polish Patent Office. The presented cabinet was used in offices of the Zakłady Południowe company in Stalowa Wola – the most significant investment of the Central Industrial District, renamed after World War II to Huta Stalowa Wola steelworks.


Time of creation:
interwar period
Inventory number:
Producer / author:
Pabjanicka Fabryka Mebli Biurowych J. Magrowicz
Technique of execution:
mass produkction, woodworking
height 200 cm, width 125 cm, depth 55 cm

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