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Gas mask

Gas mask size 43; consists of a facepiece marked 2296 and a tube connecting the facepiece to the FE 41 canister. The artefact lacks the webbing straps that support the mask on the head and the storage bag. The mask was donated in 1996 by Zespół Szkół Zawodowych im. płk. Stanisława Dąbka (the Colonel Stanisław Dąbek’s Vocational School Complex) in Stalowa Wola (today the Vocational Education Centre).


Military items
Time of creation:
 20th century
Inventory number:
Producer / author:
unrecognized German company
Technique of execution:
mass produkction, hot forming, cutting, stamping, gluing
metal, rubber, glass
height 25 cm, width 16 cm

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