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Women's hat with an irregular, expanding brim, decorated with black feathers. Inside there is a label "Salon Mód (Fashion Magazine) Paryżanka, Joanna Kessler; Lwów, Łyczakowska 19 A Street". It belonged to Józefa Stauffer, wife of the mayor of Rozwadów. Józefa Stauffer was born on 13 March 1882, died on 28 August 1967, and is buried with her husband in the parish cemetery in Rozwadów (today an estate of Stalowa Wola). Adolf Stauffer (1875-1935) was an attorney by profession. He participated in World War I, he was at the front line from 1914 to 1918, in the interwar period he was the mayor of Rozwadów and a member of the municipal council. During his tenure in office, he designed the city's coat of arms, which was still displayed on the municipal seals in the post-war period.


Pieces of clothing
Time of creation:
interwar period
Inventory number:
Technique of execution:
sewing, mass produkction
height 14 cm, length 34 cm, width 30 cm

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