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Metal tin

A metal tin in the shape of a cuboid with rounded edges, with a lid. On a dark gold surface there is a decoration with Japanese motives – Japanese women during tea ceremony. On the main wall of the can, there is a stylized inscription: "IMPORTER HERBATY" (TEA IMPORTER), below it on a dark blue background, there is a white inscription: "ANTONI HAWEŁKA KRAKÓW". The tin comes from Rozwadów, from the former house of the restaurant owner Stanisław Gruszka at Rynek 42 Street, originally from Antoni Hawełka's store and restaurant on the Market Square in Kraków, established before World War I.


Time of creation:
interwar period
Inventory number:
Producer / author:
Sklep i restauracja ANTONI HAWEŁKA KRAKÓW
Technique of execution:
cutting, embossing

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