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Metal tin

Metal tin for biscuits in a cuboid form, with a lid. In the centre of the lid, there is an image in the form of triangularly arranged cookies and tea biscuits. The upper part bears the red-gold inscription "SCHRAMEK", while the lower part bears the inscription "CIESZYN". There is a trademark on the right and left side of the lid - a red triangle with white "Tip-Top" writing and the stylized letters "CSB". The lid is surrounded by a gold coloured border. The can comes from the "Bracia Schramek Tip-Top" (Schramek Brothers Tip-Top) factory in Cieszyn, founded in 1921 by Bruno and Wilhelm Schramek on Głęboka Street in Cieszyn. Over time, as the plant grew, its headquarters were moved to Libunia Street.


Time of creation:
Inventory number:
Producer / author:
Fabryka „Bracia Schramek Tip-Top” w Cieszynie
Technique of execution:
cutting, embossing
height 9 cm, length 25 cm, width 22 cm

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