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Set of gauges

A set of gauges (5 pieces) in a package, produced by Fabryka Sprawianów (Gauges Factory) in Warsaw, which is a part of the Państwowe Wytwórnie Uzbrojenia (State Armament Works) concern, a company owning and building new armaments factories in the Central Industrial District. The decision to establish the factory was made in 1923, and it was built in 1923-1925. Initially, it was part of the Central Board of Military Works, renamed PWU (Państwowe Wytwórnie Uzbrojenia - State Armament Works) in 1927. The gauges are special measuring tools that, without determining the actual dimensions of the production item, provide the possibility of determining whether a specific product meets the quality parameters.


Industrial plants’ equipment and furnishings
Inventory number:
Producer / author:
Fabryka Sprawdzianów w Warszawie
Technique of execution:
woodworking, casting, grinding, mass produkction
wood, metal
height 2 cm, width 19 cm, length 12 cm, length after opening 24 cm

Rotary photography

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