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Bicycle Łucznik Type XVIB

A bicycle, Łucznik Type XVIB, marked in a pre-war advertising catalogue as a balloon sports road bicycle. According to the catalogue, the bicycle has the same design as the Type XVI A, but without the bidons placed at the sporty handlebars. AFS brand TORPEDO rear hub bicycle with automatic brake. Reinforced frame made of extruded tubes. Compared to the one described in the catalogue, the bycle in the museum's collection lacks a sport saddle and shoe brakes. Instead, it has extra fenders with PWU decals, a front light, and a tool case located under the frame. It was manufactured at the Fabryka Broni (Weapons Factory) in Radom, one of the most critical armament plants of the Second Republic of Poland. The plant was part of the Państwowe Wytwórnie Uzbrojenia (State Armament Works) concern.


Time of creation:
interwar period
Inventory number:
Producer / author:
Fabryka Broni w Radomiu
Technique of execution:
mass produkction, welding, painting, bending
metal, plastic, rubber, glass, leather
width 43 cm, height 113 cm, length 175 cm

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