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Workers clothing, linen, from Zakłady Chemiczne (Chemical Plant) in Nowa Sarzyna. It consists of two parts: pants and a button-down blouse. There are additional pockets on the legs, most likely for tools and work utensils. The garment has not been used, which adds to its uniqueness. The tag shows the date of 3 November 1952 – most likely the production date. No similar artefacts have survived to the present day. The plant from which the garment comes was set up as part of an investment of the Central Industrial District, as Wytwórnia Nitrozwiązków Organicznych "Nitroza" (Organic Nitro Compounds Factory) in Sarzyna, built by Przemysł Chemiczny "Boruta" S.A. company from Zgierz under a contract signed with the Ministry of Military Affairs. After World War II, the plant resumed operations in 1954, when it began producing nitro compounds, plastics and organic semi-finished products.


Pieces of clothing
Time of creation:
3 November 1952
Inventory number:
Technique of execution:
mass produkction, weaving, sewing
linen fabric

Rotary photography

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